Mapping data

This module is a brief introduction to various tools and techniques that can be used to map data, i.e. graphically represent dependencies and hierarchies between individual entities.

Assignment: Designing a research project

Assigment with the task to design a research project.

MC kit “Understanding scientific research” includes the following elements:

  1. a template
  2. detailed information on research design
  3. a sample solution

MC kit “Research methods” includes the following elements:

Research Project design (60 minutes + 15 days supervised homework):

Professor will ask students to create their own international research plans. For that purpose, students will be provided with the following guidelines:

  1. Deciding the topic to research
    • finding common topics of interest for students in different European countries.
    • Students will have to plan a research connecting the area of Language/Language teaching/Lingustics to selected topics from the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
    • This way, students will have to find the social and development value of Linguistics in any of its research lines: Applied Linguistics, Language Teacher Training, etc.)
  2. Developing arguments to set personal interests, local interest, global interest, social needs, etc.
  3. Defining the research methodology:
    • How?: research paradigm, instruments (interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, observation sheets,…)
    • Where?: context (local and global)
    • Who?: participants (researchers and participants or informants)
    • When?: time of the year, longitudinal study?