Activity: Journal critical surfing

As used in the MC kit “Research methods“:

In groups.

The teacher will ask students to investigate academic journals to look for articles/papers with different approaches.

  • Each group will have to look for at least 4 articles of different research paradigms: quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, and systematic review.
  • The professor will explain how to use research databases from their universities, as well as Google Scholar or other academic/scientific databases.
  • The professor will surf together with the students some of the most important academic journals related to Language teaching like: Applied Linguistics, Porta Linguarum, Language Teaching, Revista de Lingüística Teórica y Aplicada, Teaching and Teacher Education, System, etc. (Journals from different academic contexts and languages will be paid attention, as a critical position to decenter the “Anglosaxon” supremacy in science).

Duration: 40 minutes


The groups will finish the investigation outside classroom and will prepare a short presentation to explain to the rest of the class the next day the structure of the papers with special focus on the methodology.

Group presentation (30 minutes)

Each group will present in a maximun of 10 minutes their findings and the methodological principles behind the articles they have considered more attractive.

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