The National Report on Inclusive Education in Serbia 2019-2021.

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The National Report on Inclusive Education 2019–2021 aims to present the current state of play and progress as compared with the previous reporting period, along with the key challenges and directions for development with the aim of further increasing coverage and improving the quality, equity, efficiency and relevance of inclusive education.

The Report describes key policies and measures at the national and local level, as well as at the level of educational institutions, that affect the status of vulnerable groups of children/students and their families in the education system.

The Republic of Serbia has made continuous progress in the implementation of inclusive education since the introduction of legislative reforms in 2009. Significant amendments to the legal framework relevant for improving inclusive education started in 2017 and continued intensely during 2019–2021, primarily through the adoption of by-laws at all levels of the pre-university education system.

Contents and opinions presented in the Publication reflect authors’ opinions and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of Ministry of Education, EU Delegation and UNICEF.

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