Discovering your data footprint

Micro-Collaboration is about analysing your own personal use of the digital through the activities that you take part in.

Before you start part one we would like you to take a digital skills assessment such as digicomp. 

Next we ask you to make a map of this activity. From there we ask you to choose two activities to see if you can trace what is done with your data – who owns it and how it might be used. We would also like you to identify if the data you produce is derived from your actual physical activities and whether it is aggregated with other people’s data for a secondary purpose. For example, a keep fit app might track your activity and add it to others in order to inform social policy, availability of running tracks etc. There are also issues of rights and privacy that you can investigate and whether your data is being misappropriated.

In  the final part of the assessment we ask you to present your findings to others on the course through submission of a poster/map and a commentary about what you have discovered (suitably referenced to literature and a digital competency framework) using a presentation format of your choice.

The micro-collaboration is designed for two sessions. With a familiarisation session, three sessions are also to be scheduled. The collaboration is best done in small groups.


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